• English in Company

    Formación de empresas. L&E ofrece programas docentes integrales de formación en inglés para empresas. No nos limitamos a enviar un profesor sino que diseñamos un programa exclusivo para su empresa…

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  • L&E en tu escuela

    Con nuestros métodos y materiales, hacemos que los niños vayan alcanzando un buen conocimiento del inglés. Este se adquiere de modo práctico y divertido…

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  • Inmersión lingüística

    L&E ofrece campamentos de verano y cursos en el extranjero durante todo el año. Nuestros programas de inmersión lingüística, tanto en España como en el extranjero, se realizan…

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  • Apoyo escolar

    Nuestros cursos se imparten siguiendo métodos innovadores que inciden, como objetivo principal, en la motivación del alumno. Un estudiante motivado es un buen estudiante…

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  • Logopedia

    L&E ofrece servicios de logopedia con personal titulado. Dificultades en la adquisición del lenguaje, alteraciones de la pronunciación, dificultades de comprensión oral…

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  • Aula Virtual

    LEmEstudia a través de nuestra plataforma online.

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  • Shops and Shopping

    Week 8th -10th April  This week we talked about our favourite time of the day, season, month… Cristina’s favourite season is spring because she loves gardening.  What about you? Do you have green fingers? ( Are you good at gardening?)Luis’s favourite season is autumn, when school begins and holidays are over, because everything comes to normal! Cristina’s favourite time of the […]

  • A Song and Games

    Week 7th- 9th April Hi! How are you doing? Fine, aren’t you? Me, too. Because next week is Easter and we’ll be on holiday. After such a long term, we really deserve (to have as a reward, to get something good) a holiday; don’t you think? We started the week with music! Song: “Sk8ter boy” by Avril Lavigne. He […]

  • A Story: Love on the Net

    Week 7th- 9th April  Hi! How are you doing? Fine, aren’t you? Me, too. Because next week is Easter and we’ll be on holiday. After such a long term, we really deserve a holiday; don’t you think?  I’m sorry to hear that Noemi isn’t coming this term, but we wish you good luck at work and […]

  • The Golden Egg. ‘The Great Egg Hunting’

      Friday 11th April  Hello! Easter holidays!!!  Raúl, David and Eva didn’t come to English on Friday, I’m sure they had started their holidays. Happy holidays kids, to all of you. It is Easter, so we coloured a picture of an Easter egg. The Easter egg had a pattern with circles and triangles. ·         How many circles are there? ·         There are six […]

  • Two British Stars and an Auction Game

    Thursday 10th Hi everybody!  It was nice to see all of you in class. Easter holidays at last! After such a long term, all of us need a break; so do I (me, too)  We spent our class communicating through games.  First, we practised making questions and answers so as to fill in the missing information we had on […]

  • Describing People and Writing Letters

    Tuesday 8th April Hi everybody! Yes!!! We had the letters from our penfriends from Ukraine and we wrote them back in class. Are you going to enclose (put into the envelope) a photo of you? It was a good idea to say what you look like (describe) first and then, in our next letter, we could enclose a photo. Anyway, they’re your letters and […]